Foire aux questions

I’m only 6 weeks postnatal, is it too soon?

Not at all! As long as you have been cleared to exercise from your Doctor and feel ready to start exercising this program will help you get started in the best possible way.

What if I had a C-section?

If you’ve had a cesarean section and are healing well, have no pain in your scar site and been cleared by your Doctor, then you will be ok to ease yourself into our program.

Is this program suitable if I have abdominal separation?

Yes, with this program primarily being glute focused we won’t be performing any specific abdominal exercises. However abdominals will still be working as the secondary muscle group and in the program you will learn about core connection. With it being specifically designed for postnatal women, this is always taken into consideration and modifications provided.

Is this program suitable if I have a weak pelvic floor or prolapse?

Absolutely. The glutes have a very close relationship with your pelvic floor so by having strong, supple gutes, your pelvic floor health may improve as well.

Will it matter if I am breastfeeding?

No you can still use this program if you are breastfeeding, we have included a bonus guide with added nutritional info so your body gets what it needs.

I’m not a mum - does that matter?

No way! This program caters to ALL women.

Do I need equipment?

You can perform nearly all of the exercises with just body weight, however we do recommend you have resistance bands to enhance your results.

Does the menu cater for specific dietary requirements?

All of the meals are gluten free and if there is anything on the menu that you cannot eat, we have a facebook group where we can advise.

When will I receive the program?

Straight away! As soon as we have received your payment from purchase you will receive a digital download to access and you can start when suits you!

Can I do the program at the gym?

Yep! It is designed to do either at home or in a gym, having a structured program to follow no matter what your environment is.

Will this work for me?

Absolutley, each exercise is scalable and we always have a coach on hand to answer any uncertainties.

How tough will this be?

Like anything it’s only as hard as you make it and you will get out of it what you put in. If you follow it exactly the way it is, then yes, and you will notice distinct changes with fat loss and muscle gain. I encourage you to learn what your capabilities are and push yourself if you know you can. The results will be amazing if you are willing to commit, believe in yourself and put in the hard work.